About the Brand


At House of Gravity we design sustainable athletic fashion that supports you in your demanding & multi tasking life. We wear our athletic wear every moment of the day, from our morning yoga to a coffee with friends, from afternoon meetings to  our evening run in the park.  
We are now living a more conscious and healthy life and we see this influence in fashion as high heels and dresses are being swapped for athletic wear.
The House of Gravity woman has a social & active life style and is aware of the choices in her life to take care of her body, mind and soul.  She is conscious about the gravity & balance between those elements for a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Feel Your Inner Gravity   

We at House of Gravity believe that feeling our inner Gravity will support us in our busy and active life. A holistic & spiritual lifestyle isn’t a quick hype anymore and it is more than just a healthy food regime and exercising alone. It is a longing to re-connect and it is  growing among many of us. Due to our fast and digitised life we are always “on” and because of this, we are more in need of a balance between our body, mind & soul. When we check in with ourself, we connect with our intuition and we learn to listen and nurture what it is we need. We recognise that just as we fuel our mind, we must nurture our body, heart and soul. Making time for self-care is becoming increasingly important for our all-round happiness and health.  

A balanced life helps us to reconnect with ourselves to feel our inner Gravity. 

~House of Gravity


House of Gravity Founder 

Maria Rosa Vyskocil Founder House of Gravity
Maria-Rosa Vyskocil
I was born and raised in Amsterdam and my work in the fashion industry has taken me all over the world. I have worked in Amsterdam, London, New York and Hong Kong and Singapore, but it was my move to Asia when I was 29 that began a new chapter in my fashion career.  Living in the bustling city of Hong Kong and currently in Singapore, my urban lifestyle pervaded in me a need for more balance in my hectic life. I began to add workout, yoga and meditation to my daily routine and I experienced a rapid and major shift in both my health and happiness.
As I often work remotely and split my days between cafes, meetings and workouts, I began to look for sustainable, high quality, fashionable athletic wear that I could use in and out of the gym. This was so hard to find that I decided to start it myself. In 2019 I opened House of Gravity, a sustainable sourced, athletic fashion brand with high-end fabrics and feminine designs.
I hope that House of Gravity can support women to create and lead a lifestyle of balance, health and happiness
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